Thanks for your time and this opportunity to tell you a bit about myself.
I worked as a Realtor for a couple years in the late 80’s, before leaving to pursue other interests, which included owning a specialty-coffee catering company in the special event’s industry. In 2008, I sold my company and returned to my roots as a full-time Real Estate professional, at an independent brokerage.
I consistently ranked 1st and 2nd in the company and awarded the 2012 Outstanding Sales Achievement Award for Highest Sales Volume and Professional Conduct. In 2014, my personal sales volume was three-times that of the average realtor in the GTA, based on statics published by the Toronto Real Estate Board.  Simply put, I’ve helped guide many really great people on their way up the property-ladder. The first reason for my success is the way in which I treat my clients. The second reason is producing significant results.
In 2014, I moved my business to Re/Max to take advantage of the unparalleled exposure and support they provide my clients and me.
Since I began almost 30 years ago, technological & economical shifts have radically changed the industry. Being ‘good’ in Real Estate is no longer enough! Being really good is the only way to thrive in this business. Every week, I participate in on-going best practices coaching by some of the Canada’s top Real Estate professionals, which produce extraordinary results for me by significantly impacting the lives and financial goals of my clients. I also draw from first-hand experience where I’ve personally purchased, renovated, leased and sold, many of my own homes, over the years.  
When I’m not working, I enjoy simple pleasures like barbeques and casual dinners with family and friends. I have a love of animals, read uplifting & educational books plus a good novel every now and then. My hobbies include photography, home improvements and yoga.
This is who I am and why I know that I can help you. I’m proud of my achievements yet grateful and humbled to have an opportunity to serve you.